Acute Burns

What are the problems of burns ?

The problem of burns are :

  • Hundreds of person get burnt everyday
  • A number of them die every day
  • Treatment of burns in hospital is very costly - beyond the reach of a common man
  • Even of the victim’s life is saved, disfigurement or crippling disabilities follow in most cases making their life miserable
  • Preventing burns is simple and always better than cure.

What are the simple ways of preventing burns ?

Simple ways of preventing burns are :

  • Don’t allow children to play in the kitchen.
  • Cook on a raised platform.
  • Don’t over pump the stove.
  • Don’t pour kerosene when the stove is lit.
  • Wipe dry kerosene split on the floor and then light the stove
  • Don’t store the cooking material above the platform. Storage underneath the platform will reduce the risk of clothes catching fire.
  • Turn off the cylinder valve and burner knob of the gas stove after cooking.

What to do in case of Burns ?

  • In case of Burn, POUR WATER immediately.
  • Don’t pull off the clothes sticking over the burn area.
  • Don’t apply any ointment without medical advice.
  • Cover with a clean sheet and refer to a doctor immediately.


Water douses flame and controls fire quickly. It cools the sking and stops further damage to skin. It is mostly available in kitchen where mostly burns occur.

What is to be remembered ?

Presence of blisters is a good sign indicating that your skin is alive. Such wounds heal faster. Dead skin does not form blisters. Don’t disturb blisters. Go to a doctor.

Why not Blanket ?

Blanket traps the heat within and it continues its damaging action even on the deeper layer of the skin and as a result does more damagel.

How to prevent from Burns ?

“Prevention is better than cure”. Form the habit to handle fire safely, be safety conscious, prevent burns and in case anyone is burnt, remeber to pour water on the burn surface immediately. Water is the best first aid in Burns.

What is the effect of Burns on Skin ?

BurnsIn burns, first the outermost layer is burnt and then the deeper layers. The depth of burns depends on the degree of heat and the time for which the skin was exposed to the heat. It is often seen that when the hand is burnt, the skin on the dorsum, being thinner, may be burnt fully, whereas on the palmer side the skin is thicker and not all of it gets burnt Skin that is partly burnt, but still has some hair follicles, sweat glands and sebaceous glands will heal spontaneously in due course of time. Full thickness burns cannot heal without a skin graft operation.

What First Aid should be given in Burn ?

Acute BurnsIn case of a minor burn, hold the burnt part under the running tap water till the burning pain stops. Take the patient to his family physician who will advise treatment. Don't remove clothing from the patients body. Pour water on the burnt area. Application of ice to the burnt area is soothing. Don't apply ghee, oil or ointment. Continue First Aid during transport. Don't give anything to eat until the doctor has seen him/her. Give water to drink.

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